Melanie Bryant

Melanie Bryant joined the University of Tasmania in February 2017 as Professor and Co-Head of School Marketing and Management. She is the Chair of the Membership Committee of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM).

Melanie Bryant’s research interests are primarily in challenges associated with the implementation and adoption of change, particularly around the themes of responses to institutional and organisational change, barriers and enablers to change adoption, and individual awareness and understanding of change.

Her work is multi-disciplinary in focus and has been applied to a number of settings including government, agriculture and health. Melanie is a qualitative researcher and is particularly interested in social constructions of change, and the duality of structure and agency in organisational settings. Her most recent projects have focused on social issues and challenges around complex technology change in the Australian rice industry, and institutional/organisational challenges associated with biosecurity adoption. Her work aligns with the University of Tasmania research themes of Environment, Resources and Sustainability and Culture and Society.